Seedlings | Russian Comfrey
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Seedlings | Russian Comfrey

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At this stage plants can be ordered and "picked up" or can go with our driver if you are located in urban Tauranga. Txt if you want to check and also for a bulk order price.

Russian Comfrey | Symphytum x uplandicum

This is a great garden comfrey and very similar in looks to the Medicinal Comfrey, (Symphytum officinale) which we will propagate at some stage in the future. Russian Comfrey is packed with nutrients, nitrogen, phosphorous, silica, potassium, calcium and iron. As the plant dies down each winter these nutrients are cycled through the soil. They are excellent for attracting bees and have many uses in the garden, can be grown around fruit trees, the leaves can be fed to chooks, added to compost and can be used to make fertiliser. Make sure that where you plant it, it is where you want it to stay. We have it growing pretty much on all our boundaries around the farm as well as scattered through our food forest. More info to come.

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