What’s in a Farm Box?

Our vege boxes are seasonal and weather dependent, so the contents change throughout the year. In general, in a large box, you can expect a mix of staples potatoes, onions, carrots, garlic etc. Leafy greens such as curly kale, silverbeet; herbs such as coriander, basil or parsley; salad greens such as lettuce, salad mix or baby spinach; and usually one or more of the following: broccoli, broccolini, cauliflower, cabbage, celery. Depending on the time of year, your box could also include: tomatoes, cucumbers, pumpkin, eggplant, fennel, radishes, turnips, kohl rabi, beans, snap peas, leeks, zucchini etc.

We grow most of the produce ourselves, but we also partner with other Certified Organic vegetable growers to offer even more variety to our boxes, which are included on our website. We do not imported produce at this time. 

I have a rural delivery address, can I place an order?

It depends - our courier delivers to some rural addresses.  Anything within the highlighted zone on this map we should be able to get to you.  Anything outside of that zone we can attempt an overnight delivery, but this will be at your own risk as the courier services do not cover perishable items.  An alternate drop off point within the highlighted zones on the map is recommended, if at all possible for you.

What shipping option should I select?

If you are in one of the shaded areas shown on this map,****see map above***, select the Urban shipping option.

If you are within the Bay of Plenty select the corresponding option. Please note that any deliveries outside the Urban zone marked on this map are at your own risk as the courier services do not cover perishable items.

If for any reason you have selected the wrong shipping option and your order has already left, let us know and we will be in contact to arrange changing your shipping option to the correct one for future orders. 

If you chose the wrong shipping option before your order ships, let us know immediately and we can arrange shipping to the correct address; or, we can cancel the transaction so you can replace the order with the correct shipping address

Is there a minimum sign up period for Value Box subscriptions?

There's no minimum sign up period for the subscription boxes - however - as subscriptions are recurring, make sure to cancel or pause your subscription  before the next billing cycle occurs. We suggest starting with a small box on fortnightly subscription, then you can see if it's a good fit for you and have plenty of time to cancel your order if it isn't. 

How do I pause my subscription? Why did I still receive an order when I paused my subscription?

So for instance, if you started a weekly subscription at 5pm Monday, you would have received your order the following week, as it missed the 4pm cut off.  That means that you will have to pause your order more than a week ahead of time to affect the next cycle. On the same token, if you placed your order at 3.30pm Monday, you only have a half hour window to put your order on pause.  As all our customers place orders at all times of the week, the general guideline is to take a note of when your subscription is charged, each week (you should receive an order email when this occurs) and make sure to pause your subscription in the six days before that happens. We also request that you notify us with which date(s) you are wanting to pause, even if you have logged in to do this yourself, so we can ensure that you get orders when you want them and none when you don’t. Please email us at kiaora@wisewater.co.nz or use the Contact form. Unfortunately we are unable to offer refunds in the scenario where an account has been paused incorrectly, unless you have made contact with us about pausing your order and we have made the error.  Please contact us if you have any problems or concerns. 

I haven’t received my order?

First, check the time that you placed your order.  We have a strict order deadline of 4pm Mondays. If your order is placed after that time, it will roll over to the following week.
If your order timing is correct and you are in the Urban shipping category, it should arrive by 6pm Thursday at the latest.
Overnight deliveries should be received by 5pm Thursday, though they are generally delivered in the morning.
If your order has not been received by that time, please us on kiaora@wisewater.co.nz and we will follow up with the relevant courier company for you - it will likely be delivered early the following morning.
We do not process unpaid orders.  If you have a subscription order, Stripe will make several attempts to deduct payments from your account; if it is unsuccessful your order will not go through, so please ensure that you keep a high enough balance in that account for payments to be deducted, especially if your original order was placed close to the Monday 4pm cut off, as this will mean there is less time for Stripe to attempt payment deductions.

My discount code isn’t working?

There are two common reasons why your discount code might not work:

Most codes have a minimum order value of $20 - check if your order meets this criteria

Due to a technical issue, discount codes cannot be applied to subscription items such as bouquets & value boxes - this is because we are unable to remove the code for subsequent orders.  If you are setting up a subscription and would like to use a discount code for your first order, we are happy to manually process a refund for the value of the discount once your order has been placed - just let us know and we’ll get that through to you.

I want to open a wholesale account, how do I do that? What is your wholesale pricing?

We love to work with local businesses to offer our produce to a wider range of people. We have some criteria for wholesale accounts, to ensure that we’re able to provide the high standard of service that we hold ourselves to.  

Please contact us with details of the following:

Name of business

Years in business, if any

Nature of your business


Which products you are interested in purchasing

Approximate volume of orders per week

When you are wanting to begin receiving products

If your answers meet our criteria then we will follow up with a trade account application & a sample fresh list so you can get an idea of pricing & product availability.

 Can I visit your farm?

Our farm is very busy and unfortunately we are not able to accommodate one-off visitors.  We do aim to have tours/open days regularly throughout the year, please sign up to our newsletter for updates on open days.