The farm in 2018 before the organic market garden was created.

The Story of Wisewater

I had been searching for a name for the farm but it was not until one morning in the stillness between sleep and waking that I began thinking about the how water, being one of life's foundation elements, along with air, earth and fire (or wood in some cultures) makes up over 90% of our physical bodies. Thats when the word "Wisewater" imprinted on my consciousness. 

Water: On the farm we aim to use the water wisely and responsibly. A large tank on the land taps into an underground river. We also harness as much water as possible that falls from the sky and re-direct to irrigation. Other water from the vegetable washing and packing shed is redirected and flows  into a terraced gully. This has created a flourishing, biodiverse jungle on the land which is just waiting for a little human TLC...I am looking forward to a Working Bee Day in 2022. 

Wise: Tapping into the wisdom of reading and listening not only to the land, with its memories, songs and stories to tell, but also to the universe at large. Using age old principles combined with new, innovative techniques enables us to learn how to work in harmony with the land. Just as the moon influences the tides of the oceans, it also acts as a guide in the cycles of soil preparation, seed germination, growth and subsequent harvest. 

The farm in 2021

Our Purpose

We are here to learn how to combine working harmoniously with nature and using a regenerative agriculture business model that honours staff and customers alike. We operate currently as an organic market garden selling high-grade, nutrient rich produce at local farmers markets and vege boxes on-line.
But there is so much more to come!
Training, workshops, farm tours and rambles to name but a few. 
We also seek to provide a supportive and educational workplace culture, offering opportunities to those passionate about the beauty and wonder of nature -alongside us, in collaboration with us, and successionally after us - so that we can always leave this land for which we are guardians better than we found it.