Tour | Introduction to Permaculture | Thurs 9th March |Sustainable Backyards
Wisewater Organic Farm

Tour | Introduction to Permaculture | Thurs 9th March |Sustainable Backyards

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10am to Noon  $10 Per Person 

Location: Wisewater Organic Farm, 911 McLaren Falls Road, Omanawa, Tauranga

This workshop/tour is co-hosted  with Envirohub's Sustainable Backyards  Programme of events for the month of March 2023.

Join us for a stroll around our farm while we discuss permaculture, what it means, how you can use its principles and how it helps our communities and the environment around us. 

Wear comfortable clothing, shoes/boots suitable for a farm, water bottle, sun hat.

Your Hosts

 Donna Tuck | NZ Cert in Organic Primary Production

Permaculture &  Organic Gardening Advisor & Educator

at Wisewater Organic Farm.

 Donna's passion is to educate others in the importance of the soil food web, sustainability, growing your own food and the reduction of reliance on artificial fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. She advises on the farm and is their workshop tutor for permaculture and organic gardening.

Brenda Donald | Former Pharmacist & Natural Health Consultant

Owner Manager at Wisewater Organic Farm 


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